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Cookie Pricing

When filling out my order form request, please be as detailed as possible so I can give an accurate quote.  Photos can be emailed to me at [email protected] if you have some ideas in mind to provide me with inspiration for your set.  Any order with less than 10 days' notice, can potentially be charge an additional rush fee.

Airbrushing, intricate designs, quantity of colors, the use of metallics, writing words, etc will raise the price of cookies.

If you would like a custom set of cookies made for you, please click the link below and fill out the order form.

Order Request Form

Basic Mix Set:
A mixture of simple designs with the use of 2-3 different colors.  Includes 3-4 designs and personalization if requested.
Prices start at $60/dz, 1dz minimum

Detailed Set:
A mixture of hand-piped details including writing, edible printed backgrounds to enhance design, personalizations, metallic details can be added for an additional cost.
Prices start at $70/dz, 1dz minimum

Elaborate Set:
All the details!  Elaborate designs and colors with extra touches.  These cookies can be created with the use of an edible printer, hand painting, airbrush, and metallic additions.
Prices start at $80/dz, 1dz minimum

Licensed Logo/Character:
Popular option for themed birthday parties and events.  Great for businesses to hand out to clients, most often custom cutters will be created to complete this set.  The number of designs, colors, amount of detail as well as mediums used will increase final cost.
Character only cookie sets can be ordered alone, starting at $8/cookie with a 6 cookie minimum.  The creation of a custom cutter, amount of detail and number of colors can increase price. 
Prices start at $70/dz, 2dz minimum

Edible Printed Set:
A great option for your special event.  Images can be done in black and white or color.  The size of image and cookie as well as the number of images used will increase price.
Price starts at $60/dz, 2dz minimum